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PlanNET is a web application that stores predicted Schmidtea mediterranea protein-protein interactions (ppi) projected over a Human ppi network


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Web application to explore the retinitis pigmentosa gene interaction network, built upon 110 RP/LCA driver genes.


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This web application is specialized to characterize annotated gene or genomic coordinates (GRCh37/hg19) in terms of Transcription Factor binding sites, histone marks, open-chromatin states, as well as SNPs linkage desequilibrium and eQTL properties.


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gff2aplot is a program to visualize the alignment of two sequences together with their annotations.


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gff2ps is a program for visualizing annotations of genomic sequences. The program takes as input the annotated features on a genomic sequence in GFF format, and produces a visual output in PostScript.

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