NetExplorer.views.http_api.plannet.get_card.get_card(request, symbol=None, database=None)

Returns a card with information about a human gene, a planarian gene or a planarian contig.

  • GET

  • GET + AJAX

  • symbol (str) – Identifier of entity for which to generate card.

  • database (str) – Database of symbol.

  • GET:
    • node (Smesgene or Human or PlanarianContig): Instance of card element.

    • transcripts (list of PlanarianContig): List of contigs associated with gene (only for PlanarianGene)

    • best_transcript (PlanarianContig): Best planarian contig for gene (only for PlanarianGene)

    • json_graph (str): Interaction graph of predicted interactions in JSON format (only for PlanarianGene or PlanarianContig).

    • homologs (list of tuple): Homologous PlanarianContig s for Human gene. First element is Database name, second is PlanarianContig object (only for Human).

    • domains (str): PFAM domains in JSON format (only for PlanarianContig).

  • GET + AJAX:
    • HttpResponse: Response with a file.


curl -H "X-REQUESTED-WITH: XMLHttpRequest" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"   \
     -X GET \