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Josep F Abril's photo
Josep F Abril, PhD   Image
Principal Investigator
Contact: +34 93 40 31305

PhD Projects

Master Projects

Undergraduate Projects

Tanausú-Marc Herrero's photo
Tanausú-Marc Herrero   Image
BSc Final Project
BSc Biochemistry at UB(external link)


Natalia Timoneda's photo
Natalia Timoneda, PhD   Image
Postdoctoral Fellow

Gustavo Rodriguez's photo
Gustavo Rodriguez, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Single Cell Genomics Team(external link)
@ CNAG(external link)

Freddy Monteiro's photo
Freddy Monteiro, PhD   Image
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of North Carolina(external link)
at Chapel Hill, USA

Nuria Nabau's photo
Nuria Nabau, PhD   Image
CKO @ WholeGenix(external link)

Cristian Tornador's photo
Cristian Tornador, PhD   Image
CEO @ WholeGenix(external link)


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